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Sustainable Development
in Rural China
since 1988 

Zigen Fund is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit organization registered in the U.S. promoting human-centered sustainable development in rural areas of China.
Together, we can co-create
an equitable, people-centered society that upholds
sustainable development.

Since Zigen was founded in 1988, we’ve been dedicated to supporting local grassroot projects to improve the living, social and environmental conditions of impoverished communities in rural areas of China. 


We conduct research to find the most efficient and sustainable solutions to tackle innumerous issues and thanks to the help of local partners and generous supporters, we have made progress and impact on many lives and landscapes. 


We work in tandem with our sister organizations in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. 


If we work together, we believe we can stop the destruction of our planet, the erosion of centuries-old cultures and revitalise our environment during our lifetime.


Pat Kwei-ping Yang, President and Co- founder of Zigen Fund, has been actively engaged in supporting education and village development in rural China and migrant worker communities in Chinese cities for over 30 years.


In 1996, she also founded the China Zigen Education and Development Association which was one of the very few registered independent national NGO in China at that time.


Yang’s advocacy encouraged the Chinese Ministry of Education to end the indiscriminate consolidation of rural schools. Her dedication and leadership has brought her numerous awards, listed as “Public Interest Watcher,” and was named one of “The Most Influential Chinese in 2012” by China Newsweek magazine.



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