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Leadership Development

To promote Education for Sustainable Development in rural China and Rural Revitalization through talent cultivation.

Our Approach

Based on many years of experience in capability building for various rural groups, our training centers are set up to facilitate the building of a knowledge base, the sharing of useful resources, and the exchange of ideas and lessons learned in regard to human-centered development in rural China. 


Continued learning for rural adults is still in urgent need, but services and resources for capability building in practical and substantive areas are in short supply. 

Our curriculum and courses are designed to be scalable, portable, and easily promoted.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to first train the trainers at the county level, and encourage the formation of county level local training teams, and let them complete the training at the grassroots level. 


There are four Program Coordination Centers in China, supported by a central admin team in  Beijing. These center are located in the rural areas where we have active programs: QingLong (HeBei province), ShiLui (Shanxi province), LeiShan (Quizhou province), and LiZhiang (Yunan province).  

Courses developed and being developed include rural teachers training and training for grassroots leaders for rural development. 

Special Trainings

Rural Leadership: designed to raise awareness of people-centered sustainable development and to enhance capabilities of leading and managing public affairs for local development activists, women leaders, and other important rural stakeholders. Content of the lesson emphasizes economic cooperation, environmental awareness, gender equality, local culture and local knowledge, elderly and youth welfare, and rural-urban dialogue and cooperation.


Rural Teachers Training: has been developed and implemented in several counties since 2010. The lessons are focused on student-centered education, classroom participation, respect for rural culture and wisdom, and gender equality.

Sustainable Early Childhood Teacher Training
Revitalizing Village: Sustainable Leadership Training 
Lectures on Chinese Medicine
Women Leadership Training
NGO Talent Leadership Training
11月4-6日,浙江省德清县举办乡村振兴:可持续发展人才培训” 合影.jpg
Together Building Sustainable Village: Teachers Training 
Rural adolescent girls Sex Health Education Teachers Training
School Principal Leadership Training
11月4-6日,浙江省德清县举办乡村振兴:可持续发展人才培训” 合影.jpg


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