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Rural Adolescent Girls Sex Health Education Teachers Training


    ZIGEN has developed a research on the female adolescent sexual health education in poor areas, which has summarized the major problems that female adolescents confront:

   (1) Lack of the fundamental knowledge, conscience and skills on health, physiological hygiene and sex, which arouse confusion, fright and inferiority when they come through physiological changes;
   (2) Situations such as puppy love, marriage and pregnancy in early age contribute to some female adolescents’ incompleteness of compulsory education;
   (3) Lack of essential sexual knowledge and the perception in self-protection increase their risk of sexual invasion;
   (4) Schools are quiet short of the teachers, textbooks and course management for adolescent sexual education;
   (5) Left-behind children are the group with high risks of sexual invasion. Because of being left behind for a long run, the vast majority of female adolescents show poor consciousness of self-protection in poor districts.


    Left-behind female adolescents in poor villages are greatly lacking of the knowledge and perception of adolescent sexual health and security. For that special group, it is of great significance to give them some training about adolescent sexual and security, which can help them to deal with some confusion and problems in the case without the accompany of parents, thus to improve their conception and capability of self-protection.

    The project provide education on sexual health and promote self-reliance on sexual activities for adolescent girls in a poor rural area in China, where the lack of parental accompaniment coupled with sexual abuses are serious problems for many adolescent children, particularly girls. The project will train and qualify teachers  in a program on sexual health and security organized jointly by Zigen and faculties of the Beijing Normal University. In co-ordination with the local education bureau, the trained teachers will teach classes on sexual health and wellness in schools of selected areas. The project employs a “Train-the-Trainer” model of teacher training in order to maximize the benefits of the project by reaching a larger adolescent population.  

    The course embodied 11 themes and the total course hour achieved 22 hours, which taught the contents include Where I Came From, The Changes During Adolescence, Menstrual Protection, Common Gynecological Diseases and Prevention, Spermatozoa and Psychological Adjustment, Sexual Harassment and Abuse, AIDS, Early Marriage and Early Pregnancy, Adolescent Emotion, Campus Bullying and Violence, Management of Adolescent Emotion.

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