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One School, One Village

An integrated community development program that will ensure the sustainability of rural villages in China.

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Since Zigen’s inception, helping rural kids to finish school has been a central focus of Zigen’s projects. By providing tuition and schools fees to families in economic hardship, Zigen has made schooling affordable for a large number of rural children, especially girls who were denied the opportunity to education.

Supporting students in village elementary schools and junior high schools still forms the core of Zigen projects and receives the largest portion of the donated funds. Zigen’s advocacy for long of education of children at the elementary and secondary stage as a basic human right is echoed and vindicated by Chinese government’s move to make basic education free in poor rural areas in the 2000s. However, Zigen’s scholarship projects have continued, as some families of students are still facing rising cost of schooling, in spite of the implementation of “free education” by the government.

Besides scholarships, Zigen supported other school projects, including improvements of school infrastructures, donation of equipments, subsidies for teachers, improvements of student living quarters and food, extra curricular activities, training, and local culture heritage.

Our Program

Aims at building integrated and coordinated community development.

Supports basic needs of the whole village, with the school as the launch pad, while encouraging school-village interactions​.

Actively involves particular groups, such as women, children, elderly, and migrant families, and promote lifetime education in health and environment.


Teachers Trainings

Improvements of living quarters & nutrition

Library equipment & maintenance

School health facilities

Active Projects in


Village Leadership Training

Environment & Health Education

Promotion of appropriate technologies

Association & activities for women and elderly

Active Projects in



Guizhou Province
  • Gaopa Village/School

  • Gaopa Village/School

  • MiaolanVillage/School

  • Nanmeng Village/School

  • Sanjiaotian Village/School

  • Dunan Village/School

Shanxi Province
  • Zhuanjiao Village/School

  • Jiaopengyan Village/School

  • Tianjiacha Village/School

  • Xiaosuan Village/School of Shanxi Province

Hebei Province
  • Tumenzi Village/School

  • Fengguo Village/School

  • Huaguoshan Village/School

  • Caochang Village/School

  • Dasendian Village/School

  • Mazhanzi Village/School

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