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Creating a Sustainable Green Eco-Village

Liu Lei visited the Dazheng Village, Qiantong Town, Ninghai County, and communicated with the leaders of the village committee of the two villages about the “Village Revitalization: Sustainable Development Talent Training” as well as the green eco-village pilot project.

Teacher Yang visited the School of Humanities and Development at China Agricultural University and visited Professor Zhu Qizhen, a special expert on the “Village Revitalization: Sustainable Development Talent Training”.

Luo Yixian, the president of China Zigen Association, and Liu Lei of the Rural Development and Public Welfare Department led the postgraduate and doctoral team of Renmin University of China to visit Hu Guozhong, the secretary of the party committee of the Yuyue Town to investigate the economic, social, cultural, and educational development in the town.

At the beginning of 2019, the Zigen Fund launched the “Support for the Reunion of Rural Stay-at-home Families, and the Double Matching Program for Love”. With the donations of enthusiasts and friends of Zigen, they raised a total of 60,000 US dollars in one and a half months. The donations are planned to support China Zigen in carrying out pilot projects for green eco-villages in 4-6 villages, especially in terms of supporting stay-at-home women and returning youth so as to improve the environment of their hometown, preserve traditional culture, and take good care of the living demands of stay-at-home children and elderly people with no family.

Since May 2019, China Zigen has visited Fengning County of Hebei Province, Deqing County and Ninghai County of Zhejiang Province, and reached an intention of cooperation with the local government. Two villages in each county were selected for creation of  a green eco-village under the framework of sustainable development.

In order to promote the pilot project of the green eco-village, China Zigen will hold two “Village Revitalization: Sustainable Development Talent Training” sessions in Yuyue Town, Deqing County from November 3rd to 6th, and in Qiantong Town, Ninghai County from November 11th to 13th. It will also invite relevant leaders and pilot village leaders of Nanguan Township People's Government of Fengning County, Hebei Province, to attend.

China Zigen Rural Development and Public Welfare Talent Department

Translated by Wenxin Zhang, Program Manager, Zigen Fund

Edited by Solo Tung, Communications Manager, Zigen Fund

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