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Zigen Boston New Year Benefit Concert Successfully Held

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

On March 3rd 2013, Zigen New Year Benefit Concert was held successfully at Harvard’s Sanders Theatre. It was a remarkable musical event among the Chinese community in Boston. The performers include world renowned singer Guang Yang, famous local singers Maxwell Li, Wei Jing, Xiaoyi Duan, and The North American Chorus Association Philharmonic Chorus (the group just received a Gold Prize at the Vienna Choral Festival of Adults and Seniors in 2012). The concert was packed with beautiful songs ranging from western opera pieces to traditional Chinese songs. The performances were so brilliant and graceful that audience gave great reviews to the entire program. All proceeds from the concert will benefit Zigen Fund. Donations and ticket sells are still in calculation currently.

Written by May Lee, Zigen Boston Coordinator

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