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Matching Grant to Support the Reunion of Children Left-Behind Families in Rural China Follow-Up

Zigen’s “Supporting the Reunion of Rural Left-Behind Families and Double the Donation Plan”  was carried out from February 9th to March 25th, and we received enthusiastic responses from everyone. We raised $30,000 and received additional matching grant of $30,000. In total, we successfully raised $60,000! The list of Zigen’s friends who supported this event are as following.

Zigen will identify the specific location of the Green Eco Village in China, carry out the project and fulfill everyone’s wishes. More follow-up reports will be available. Thank you for your generous gift and for all your support!


滋根“支持农村留守家庭团圆,爱心加倍配捐计划” 于今年2月9日到3月25日开展,获得了大家的热烈回响。我们圆满顺利地募集三万元捐款,同时获得三万元的配捐基金,共同为这次成功募集六万美元。支持本次活动的滋根之友名单如下。



Agnes Tze-Chuan and Yin-Chung Loh, Ai F. Chen, Alice F. and John H. Lee, Allen and Ann Tang, Ann Yu Kuo and Ming Duenn Ni, Bernard N. and Pauline C. Yen, C and H Chang, Calvin M Lau, Changping Shi, Changpo Liu & Yingzhen Tian, Christina Lynn and Donald Chang, Cow Bin and Kun Ah Li, Dan Chen, Danny and Connie Chen, David B. and Sandra N. Lyons, Dawen Pang, Dr.Ying Chen, Faye and Phillip Jong, Frank Chen (Fengshun Williamstown LLC), Fusheng Ren, Grace Yu Chang and Der Jiunn William Wu, Heeman and Julia Chie, Hilda Liu, Homer L. Chin, Hong Jiang and Fan Li, Hong Shu Liang and Chen Chu Tao, Hopeworld Family Foundation, Huanan and Ye Zhang, Isabelle and John Wang, Jay C. and Irene C. Hsu, Jean-Cheui Hsung, Jeff and Ann N. Tjhin Chou, Jiaxuan Michael Zhuang, JinFan Shaw, Jiu-Hwa Lo Upshur, Joan Jh Cho, Joan L Sue & Hak K Sue, John Tsuo(Tsuo & Leu Corp Inc), Judy Thai Ngo, Kai Ho, Keh Ping Dunn & Ning Dunn, Kerlin and Christine H. Pei, Kuo-Chiang and Showna Ho, Lai-Iun and Yvonne Liu Lo, Lena and Yu-Sing Jung, Leonard and Felisa Y. Siy Wan, Lily Lawn and Joseph H. Tsao, Lily Liu and Chopo Ma, Linda Ziling Huang, Liu-Kuie Helen and Wei-Cheng Kuo, Liyun and Sherry Chen, Loretta S. and  Richard Cha Ling Lee, Lucy J. Ho, Lvy Lee, Melly Hu, Mianne C. and Stephen Kuo Liu, Ming Kang and I-Ming Chien, Ming-Lie and Qiqi Shu Li, Naisin Lee (Lynck Foundation), Nancy Wang & Tingchung Wang, Nancy Y. and Paul H. Hwang, Oliver C. Lee, Patricia L. and Tien-Lin Ho, Patrick T. and Angela H. Chang, Paul L. and Amy S. Lee, Peggy A. Hall, Peiguo Wang, Peter Chen, Peter&Gloria Yu, Ping Hwa Wang, Qibing Zhou and Hang Xie, Quoc T. and Jannifer K. Tran, Richard K.&Adlinna Y.&Christina C. Liang, Richard Tam, Sanchin Wang, Sharon Pei and Xinzhuo Shen, Shi-Bay and Kuo Mei-Fang Shu, Shu Fang Hsia Lin, Soo P. Ouyang, Sophia Mao, Sophie L. and Sam Chen, Sun-Hoo Foo, Susan Yu, T K and C L Yu, Terry Tengfang and Pearl Neichenchu Li, Thomas Tai Chen and Wen Huey Wang, Tsu Kai and Ruenn H. Jan, Vera Liang, Verona and Joshua Hung, Veronica L. Chen, Victoria Liu and Allen Chen, Vivien F. Kao, Wai Wah Chan & Gloria S Chan, Wei Chen, Wei Deng and Zhuma Feng, Wenqiong Xue, William R. and Hoi-Ying Holman, Wing Hong and Tai Hing Yip, Xia Teng and Ziqiang Qiu, Xin Dong and Yu-Xin Yan, Xun Liang, Yanchun Wang and Yuan Tian, Yi-Cheng Chang and Rufina Chung, Yimin Ruan  and Xun Lian, Yu-Kan and Chin-Chun Tu, Yung-Chi and Elaine H. C. Cheng

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