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Promoting education for sustainable development focusing on experience, problems and needs

——The third "Green Eco School" project supervision seminar was held in Qinglong, Hebei Province

From June 27 to 28, the third "Green Eco School" project supervision seminar of China Zigen was held in Qinglong, Hebei Province. About 55 participants including leaders of education bureaus, county supervisors and excellent school principals in Rongjiang, Yunan Yulong, Xinzhou, Henan Lankao, Linxi, Inner Mongolia, Fengning, Qinglong, Baixiang, Longyao and other places in Hebei Province. Zigen chairperson Pat Kwei-Ping Yang, president Yixian Luo and Taiwan Zigen president Hsiao-Ting Yang attended the meeting and gave guidance.

In combination with material study, theme report, regional group discussion, experience sharing and other links, the seminar focused on the launching of county-level training manual: "Creating a Sustainable Development Village Together: Teacher Training". Participants discussed the experience, practice and difficulties accumulated by the establishment and achievements of green eco schools, as well as their standards and expansion of publicity. The methods of communication and social impact were discussed, and the participants actively made suggestions, formed many consensus and also enhanced confidence, playing a significant role in promoting the implementation of projects in each region.

Translated by Wenxin Zhang, Program Manager, Zigen Fund  |  Edited by Lily Lee, Board Director, Zigen Fund.

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