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Zigen ’s “Rural Revitalization: Sustainable Development Talent Training" has been held in two counti

Jointly Building a Green Eco Village for Sustainable Development

Sanlin Village, Deqing, Zhejiang

Qiantong Town, Ninghai, Zhejiang

With the theme of "Jointly Building a Green Eco Village for Sustainable Development", focusing on the important issues of rural revitalization and sustainable development in the new era, Zigen’s  “Rural Revitalization: Sustainable Development Talent Training" opened on November 4 and 11 in Sanlin village, Yuyue Town, Deqing County, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, and the Adult Secondary Culture and Technology School in Qiantong Town, Ninghai County, Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, respectively. The training activities are closely linked to the Deqing County Symposium on Rural Revitalization and Sustainable Development in the New Era, and the Week of Lifelong Learning for all citizens of Qiantong Town in Ninghai County. Representatives from 10 administrative villages of Yuyue Town, 17 administrative villages of Qiantong Town and principals from more than 10 township adult education schools of Ninghai County attended the training.

The training is being carried out in collaboration with the China Adult Education Association and the Institute of Chinese Farmers' Issues at the China Agricultural University;  it is supported by the Education Bureau of Deqing County, the government of  Yuyue Town, the villagers committee of Sanlin Village of Yuyue Town, the Education Bureau of Ninghai County, the Agricultural and Rural Bureau of Ninghai County and the Party Committee of Qiantong Town.

In the training, President Luo Yixian of Zigen introduced the progress of targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization service projects in China. Yang Guiping, the chief expert of Zigen in China, introduced the curriculum development and nationwide promotion of "Rural Revitalization: Sustainable Development Talents Training" and "Creating a Sustainable Village Teachers’ Training" under the framework of "people-centered sustainable development”, Yang also served as a leading trainer in thinking about sustainable development within the framework of "economic dynamism, social equity, environmental responsibility and cultural diversity" .

Professor Zhu Qizhen from the Institute of Chinese Farmers' Issues, China Agricultural University, Professor He Huili from Department of Sociology, China Agricultural University; Professor Han Jialing from Beijing Academy of Social Sciences; Mr. Gu Yikang, member of Zhejiang Provincial Government Advisory Committee; Professor Ma Junshan from Zhejiang Forestry University; and Ms. Yang Jinhui, Party Secretary of Yulin East Road Community, Yulin Street, Wuhou district, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province were invited to the training. The speakers made a special report on "The strategy of rural revitalization and the integrated development of rural industry", "Rural revitalization on the basis of rural values” "The grass-roots practice of the construction of Chengdu Community Governance System" , "The cultural revival in the process of rural revitalization" and so on.

The training was organized around six topics: "People-Centred Sustainable Development" , "Rural Environment and Development" , "Comprehensive  Development of Rural Economy" , "Rural Governance for Sustainable Development" , "Rural Culture and Sustainable Development" , and "Lifelong Learning and Rural Adult Education". The training adopted a participatory approach. Zhang Limiao, director of the Deqing County Zhejiang Vocational Education and Adult Education Department, and Hu Jiachen, associate teaching and research fellow of the Vocational and Adult Education Research Office of the Ningbo Education Bureau, both of whom participated in the first session of "Rural Revitalization: Sustainable Development Talent Training" held at the China Agricultural University in 2018, facilitated some of the topics in this training.

Zhaowen Zhang, the executive vice president and Secretary General of the China Adult Education Association, a business guidance and cooperative partner organization of Zigen, also came to watch the training and gave high affirmation.

The revitalization of talent is the key to rural revitalization! Zigen and Professor Zhu Qizhen and his team at China Agricultural University collaborated to develop the "Rural Revitalization: Sustainable Development Talent Training" , which adopts the "participatory" training method and closely integrates the production and life of the students, enhances participants' knowledge, attitudes and skills on the subject of rural sustainable development, and prepares participants to apply the content of the training to their home villages and to take action to participate in the process of rural sustainable development.

Translated by Ruby Zhao, Volunteer.

Edited by Solo Tung, Communications Manager, Zigen Fund

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